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Krista Merca, MFT Intern

I view the therapy process as collaborative in nature. My goal is to assist you, your child and/or family to lead an emotionally healthier life. Therapy is a process of opening up about your experiences, thoughts, and feelings in order to increase your self-awareness of emotional conflicts that keep you stuck in unwanted patterns.

My approach to therapy is best described as brief evidenced-based, relational, and solution-focused. This means that I focus on helping you, your child, and/or your family uncover the emotions and behavioral patterns that contribute to current life distress. Often times these unhealthy patterns and habits can be changed through the combined process of individual and family therapy; thereby, allowing you, your child, and family to have more satisfying relationships and live life in accordance with your beliefs and values.

I am in the process of completing a Master’s Degree in Couple and Family Therapy from Antioch University Seattle. Currently, I am providing counseling services as a student intern and have completed the majority of the coursework required for the master’s degree.  

​I am currently pursuing a concentration in sex therapy from Antioch University. After I graduate, I plan to become a certified sex therapist. I believe it is crucial to incorporate sexuality and pleasure into helping you fully understand your relationship with yourself and others. My approach to sex therapy is rooted in the belief that individuals and couples have the capacity to re-write the stories they have been told about their sexuality.  I view this connection as one piece of the puzzle to a fulfilling journey of deeper connection to one’s body, spirituality, mind, and heart. 

You can reach me at Krista@TransfromativeCFS.com or 425-310-2190