​My approach to therapy is systemic, integrative, and attachment-based. In our work together, I will prioritize your more immediate therapeutic goals, as well as your long-term wellness. Additionally, I will prioritize an authentic therapeutic alliance with you that is built on trust and open communication. It is my hope that we will become co-creators to your customized treatment plan. My goals are to collaborate with you to customize coping strategies that can help promote stability, lasting relationships, and self-efficacy in your life.
Utilizing a systemic approach, we will explore the web of influences that have helped shape who you are today. Together, we will collaborate to conceptualize the ways in which your environment, relationships, and experiences inform and shape your understanding of the challenges you are experiencing.

As an attachment-based therapist, I am curious about your childhood. Many of our present-day challenges can be attributed to our lived experiences and how we have historically navigated conflict. Together, we will examine your childhood experiences and how they are informing the way you think, feel, behave, and relate to others today. We can utilize this information to promote improvements in your present-day emotional and physical well-being, interpersonal relationships, and your ability to more successfully navigate through life.

My approach to therapy is integrative, meaning, I may utilize a customized variety of treatment modalities. Some of the treatment approaches I may utilize include Structural Family Therapy (SFBT), Mindfulness-based Cognitive Therapy (MBCT), and Narrative Therapy (NT). Each of these types of therapies provide tools and techniques I may incorporate into our sessions if I believe they will support your personal growth and long-term wellness.

I am currently a Marriage and Family Therapy Intern in pursuit of a master’s degree in Couples and Family Therapy. I am in my third year of graduate school at Antioch University Seattle. In 2016, I received a bachelor’s degree in Humanities and Social Sciences with an emphasis on Wilderness Therapy from Western Washington University.

I look forward to working with individuals, couples, and families who are in pursuit of an elevated understanding of self and lasting relationships.

I can be reached at the number below or Amanda@TransformativeCFS.com

Amanda Rutledge, MFT Intern

Call 425-390-4677 to make an appointment.