I approach my work using a client-centered, strengths-based model. I view every individual/family/couple as unique and, as such, use methods and techniques best suited for each situation. My scope of practice includes many areas, all pertaining to individuals, couples, and families.  Most of my experience--and my passion--involves working with women, teens, and the LGBTQ community.

I was trained in Family Systems Therapy, which means I approach therapy work holistically, focusing on the individual and extending beyond, to the interactions between family members and significant others. I work with clients to help them recognize how extended family, culture, and society may affect them as individuals.

My formal education started at the University of Washington, where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in Psychology. I obtained my Master of Science degree at Seattle Pacific University, graduating in June of 2017. I have learned much from my life experiences--about love, loss, relationships, hardships, and the strength and development of resilience. I currently have over seven years of experience in mental health settings. I worked in a Washington State inpatient psychiatric unit as a Mental Health Specialist. As a licensed therapist, I worked with children, adolescents, and adults in various school settings, hospitals, and agency-based work.

I am currently working toward gaining my credentials as a certified sex therapist. In my experience, this is an area that is often overlooked, both in therapy and in general. Whether sex/sexuality is the focus, or you are just looking for more intimacy in your relationship(s), I work to provide a safe space for promoting understanding of human sexuality and healthy sexual behavior. I offer a place where issues around sexual intimacy and function can be openly discussed. Issues and concerns regarding sex, sexuality, and sexual identity are natural and a part of our human experience, yet these are often viewed as taboo. I strive to provide a setting that de-stigmatizes sex and that leads to healthy, quality relationships and lives.

  You can reach me directly at 206-414-9390 or Sydney@TransformativeCFS.com


Sydney Wolfe, MS LMFT

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