I believe that an authentic therapeutic relationship is foundational to our work together. Regardless of the challenges that you may be going through, I will honor your lived experiences with both trust and empathy.  As a systemic therapist, I will seek to understand not only the current challenge(s) you are experiencing, but also your background and other circumstances which may be contributing to the issues.

I believe that many of our challenges can be traced back to family of origin functioning and the quality of our emotional attachments as children. By potentially uncovering some of these attachment wounds and childhood traumas, we can hold space for healing and personal growth. I also place tremendous value on understanding the stories, or narratives, which we tell ourselves and then use as the basis for our daily existence. By adding to these stories, we can allow new ways of thinking and engaging with the world to come into existence. Finally, I view classic Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) as essential to creating change. By understanding how our thoughts inform our feelings, which then create behaviors, we can examine our thoughts to make meaningful change.  

I am completing my master’s degree in Couple and Family Therapy and look forward to working with individuals, couples, and families. I will prioritize the therapeutic relationship, your emotional safety, and you as the expert in your own life from our first session onward. 

You can reach me at Jason@TransformativeCFS.com

Jason Powell, MFT Intern

Call 425-390-4677 to make an appointment.