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​​Michael King is a life coach and leadership development professional. He helps Individuals with personal, professional and/or relationship challenges find clarity and understanding then creates a plan for growth and success.  He also helps businesses and corporations with leadership development and team improvement challenges to help improve the culture and team performance.

Michael became a student of leadership during his time in the US Army. Michael has worked in many industries beginning as an airborne infantryman in the 82nd Airborne Division then transitioned into the US Navy in the intelligence field. After serving in the military he continued his leadership journey and discovered that people naturally gravitated to him for personal and career guidance. He has worked in project management and safety management in the construction, civil, heavy civil and industrial fields.

Michael believes that people mostly have the answers they seek deep inside themselves. However, it is often buried under deep rooted emotions like fear, pride, guilt as well as an ever increasing amount of distraction. Distractions are things like family expectations, entertainment, social media and main stream media bombarding people with false images and expectations.

Michael excels at cutting through the noise and helping others find clarity and truth. He helps people better understand themselves, to interact and communicate with others in mutually beneficial ways and helps others create streamlined plans to reach their goals.

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Michael King